Sean - Lead Vocals

Rhys - Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals

Craig - Drums/ Backing Vocals

Steve - Lead Guitar

Jake - Bass

Scott - Keys


Formed in 2017 after lead vocalist Sean became tired of playing covers, White Collar Rebel initially produced a sound that had an upbeat/dance vibe which took influence from ‘90s acid house and indie music. Along their journey of maturity, the outfit has developed their sonic output to become a more riff-heavy band whilst also containing glimpses of the acid/dance vibe which they had initially become known for. 

Influenced by the likes of Doves, The Music and Sunshine Underground besides classic rock bands such as Small Faces, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac, these influences shine through.

Frontman Sean added: “Most of the band members grew up listening to ‘90s Britpop and ‘00s indie music so it has always stuck with us”.